Pete's Cathedral

Pete's Cathedral


Inspired by the Cathedral Windows, this beautiful Masterwork Ornament plays beautifully with the sunlight. Glowing with blues, green, yellows, oranges, and reds.

All of our ornaments are individually gift wrapped, paired with a free ornament hook, and a business card of the artist that created the piece.

If you are wanting to give this as a gift, we recommend adding one of our ornament stands for $3.00 extra to hold up the ornament as displayed in the picture.
(See “Extras” in our Collection Categories)

Please Note:

This item will vary approximately in:

4-5 ounces in weight

3.5-4 inches in height

3-3.5 inches in width

No two items in this store are exactly alike. Since this is a glass blowing studio, and each item is made by hand, there will be slight differences in size, weight and design.  
(We are not a factory.) 
Thank you for your understanding!

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