Our Story


Fireworks Glass Studios creates classical unique shapes, iridescent colors and one of a kind designs that are combined to provide a unique approach to an ancient art.
We provide a personalized and friendly atmosphere that is creative, safe, clean, and fun. We give to our community through donations of glass to local nonprofits and offerings of educational opportunities to our community. 

        Fireworks Glass Studios started as a concept in 2005 by owner & artist Dave Porter, as a means to pursue his passion for glassblowing In 2006. Dave began renovations inside a classic and perfectly suited building in downtown Williamston, Michigan.  This meant  installing  furnaces, gas lines, and other features needed to maintain a glass blowing studio. Dave opened its doors to the public for its first day on September 21st, 2007 as a glass blowing studio, cold working studio, lamp working, and much more.  The front of the studio features a gallery in which the creations of the artists are displayed.


As the years have passed, the team and passion have grown. Dave was first joined by Rhonda Baker in 2007, Rhonda's knowledge in the ancient art grew very quickly and now, she is the head gaffer here at Fireworks Glass Studios.

Next, Rhonda introduced her son, Ron Baker to the art in 2008. Ron is  known for his  unique paperweights, but also his resourceful knowledge with the art of glass blowing. next, the team was joined by Tekla Balmer who started out as an intern in 2013, then 2 years later became an official employee. she has no fear of the heat, and helps out with multiple skills around the studio.

Next, they were joined by Judy Nichols in November 2016, who has a passion for photography, social media, & design. She Designed and maintains this website, but she also likes to blow glass. Last, but not least, Doug Waggott joined in the fall of  2016, Doug started out making just paperweights for his friends and family, but his knowledge and skill grew quickly. He was taken on as an intern and now helps with big pieces, making ornaments, and much more. 

       All of us here at Fireworks are family. we thrive on each other's creativity, intelligence and encouragement. We all help keep the studio tidy and create an inviting atmosphere.  When you are in the studio, you will see that every one of these artists has a dance of their own with the glass, that makes their pieces unique. Rhonda Baker said, "It's amazing how so many people using the same material come up with so many different ideas and see it all so differently." (2017) (Very true, Rhonda.)

      When you visit, you will find there is a certain atmosphere to the entirety of the business. It's a warm, (obviously) and inviting atmosphere tailored after the Ateliers of Europe,  that people return to again and again. When you meet one of us, we aren't just saying "hello" to you, because someone told us to- we actually want to say hello.  The eagerness of wanting to help families understand the ancient art is prominent here, it makes our day when we see the look of awe on their faces, and the thankful smile they wear when their visit is done.  Most of all, we like questions, ask away, learn, grow with us as we continue on this journey of following our passion at Fireworks Glass Studios. 

Thank you.

Feel free to join us for our public events, or walk in during business hours,
we'd love to meet you! 


It’s amazing how so many different people, using the same material, come up with so many different ideas and see it all so differently.
— Rhonda Baker (2017)