"Are you blowing glass today?"

Is a very common question we get over the phone as we are holding 2,100 degrees of molten glass 2 feet away from our face. 
We politely say "Yes!" and do our best to answer your questions by passing the phone around like a hot potato, rushing to not break this glass piece we've been thinking of all day. 
SO...We thought it best to create a section of information for you, to answer any of your immediate questions:

 "Can we just walk in?" 

Sure, during normal business hours.
You're best bet to catch any of the fun is between these times:
 Monday- Friday from 10:00 AM to 1:00 PM 
You are more than welcome to watch, interact, shop, take pictures, and cheer us on!

 " I have a large group of people,
and we want to come to your studio. "

There are formal scheduled demonstrations that are 100% free. This is where scheduled groups come to watch and learn with us
for about an hour. 
We talk with everyone and explain to the group about
the history of the ancient art of glass blowing.
As well as make small to large pieces for everyone to see. 
You are more than welcome to take pictures, ask questions,
and shop the gallery too! 
We suggest to call us first to check available dates,
before you all pick a favorite day to schedule with us.
(Best to schedule with us 7 days in advance for groups over 5 people.)
We can accommodate folks in wheelchairs, we ask limit it to 2 per group. 
Sorry, but no people allowed receiving oxygen therapy. 


While we do our best to stay ahead of the rapid sign ups of our classes, We sometimes only know the exact date a month in advance. We do not allow holds for these events, or early bird sign ups;because our sign up list is full before we even get a chance to announce the event. That is unfair to people who were patiently waiting for the class announcement. as soon as we announce it on our Facebook Page & events calendar, it is first come first serve. 

To purchase a ticket for an event:
You must call us during business hours.

 please be ready to pay for your tickets by credit card, debit card, or by check.
(we will hold for 72 hours for the check to get here.) 
 also, we will need your email and phone number,
 simply to send our e-mail confirmations. 

"can you incorporate ashes into your pieces?" 

Yes, we can! We offer a few select pieces that can be hand made by one of our artists here at the studio.
Please click here for price sheet of items we offer to incorporate your loved one’s ashes.
If you are looking for a glass piece for your furry friend, please call the studio directly at 517-655-4000.



Didn’t find the question you were looking for?
Send us a message and we will be right with you!


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