Freddy - (Design Your Own!)

Freddy - (Design Your Own!)


Don’t be fooled, Freddy is more adorable than he looks.
With customizable hat colors, who says his name has to stay ‘Freddy’?
(Oh, did we mention you can customize his scarf color too?! )
Have a ball!

Artist: David Porter
Item Description: Glass blown white frosty body, topped with a carrot nose, black dotted eyes and buttons, Freddy pushes all the holiday decor aside in your house this year and steals the show!

A Note from the artist:
No two items in this store are exactly alike. Since this is a glass blowing studio, and each item is made by hand, there will be slight differences in size, weight and design.  
(We are not a factory.) 
Thank you for your understanding!

Hat Color:
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